In today’s dynamic world, success can only be achieved through hard work, ability, skill and know-how. All these call for manpower development, organizational adjustment and organizational adaptability.
Earthsavers Research and Consultancy Bureau (ERCB) is a Ugandan firm, duly registered with the Registrar of Companies in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. We are a fundraising arm of Earthsavers Movement Uganda Chapter – an indigenous NGO. The firm is staffed with able consultants in the fields of projects and general management, finance, computer science, agriculture, economics, gender analysis, disability, community based rehabilitation, participatory approaches, micro finance, poverty alleviation, training needs assessment, education, cultural heritage, environment protection, strategic planning, social mobilization, sustainable development strategies, NGO landscape, income generating activities and the entire social sector in general.
The main thrust of our very existence is to assist our clients in developing and improving their skills in the fields mentioned above. Doing the work calls for various methods and activities ranging from process consulting to task consulting. We also organize and conduct workshops when there is need.
ERCB’s permanent and semi – permanent consultants have carried out several assignments. We have worked for Government Ministries and International. Our input to various organizations has created positive change and we are using their expertise to review and improve other organizations and projects.

Types of assignments
Feasibility studies
Our consultants have assisted many companies and organizations in writing feasibility studies. They have also offered investment advise to clients in order to ensure that the clients are not left alone. Their success is our pride. It is cost effective to conduct feasibility rather than implementing a project without a feasibility check. The results could be disastrous.
Information Technology
Our consultants have assisted many individuals and companies to develop Management Information Systems as well training in their use. Other activities include computer training, software development, website designing among others.
Project proposals and strategic plans
Several organizations have benefited from our expertise of writing project proposals and strategic plans. Proposals we have done have focused on every aspect of society, business and so many other ventures. We have helped organizations, from medium to large, in making strategic plans for varying years.

Environmental impact assessments and environmental audits
The firm has able consultants to handle EIPs and environmental audits. Venture capitalists and government institutions and other agencies shall benefit from these services. We conduct environmental audits at the level of project formulation and/or completion. The latter is applicable when National Environment Authority (NEMA) calls for the same.
Organizational development
         The business and organizational environment is very dynamic and therefore organizations need to be adaptable. This calls for organizational self assessment, development and restructuring the field. Our consultants have earned a credit in helping organizations conduct self-assessment in terms of improving service delivery, governance, general management, financial management and the external relations.
Manpower planning, selection, recruitment and development
         Our consultants have helped many organizations in manpower planning, identifying training needs and fitting the right person in the right job
Business planning (Corporate planning)
         Many clients have benefited from our services in determining enterprise strategy, corporate vision and drawing of corporate plans and bankable proposals.
Media consultancy and marketing promotions
         Our media consultants have helped many corporations develop state of the art media packages that have revolutionalised their business operations. Particular works have been in the areas of advertising, public relations, market research and promotions.
The fee is based on skills, the need for the talents and the fact that we give the client a state of the art service. We do not ask clients to pay for the cheap, short cut methods and do not overcharge for top-notch processes. We lay our fees on table and as a business we do not settle for less than break even.